7th International Designs for Learning Conference: Remediation of Learning – day 2

The fourth parallel session begins right after Theo van Leeuwen's and Staffan Selander's joint keynote speech and I decide to attend Jonas Bäckelin's "Transfer of Expert Knowledge with Case-Based Reasoning for Selfremediation - User-driven innovation in continuous professional development." Bäckelin is currently our student on the master's level course Digitalization and Implementation Processes in School 2 (DIP2).
Bäckelin talks about how the e-learning solutions at Stockholms Stad is being implemented and the challenges involved in the process.
Speaker number two is Martin Schüler from the Swedish Defence University and his presentation is entitled "Planning for safety when preparing for war: winning or learning."
He analyzes the 2019 military exercise Northern Wind and how the safety of the people taking part was compromised due to some of the participants' desire to win. Winning and learning stood in opposition.
After a short break, Ylva, Sylvi (my colleagues from Jönköping University), and myself convene for an impromptu meeting, before we join this conference's last parallel sessions. All of us decide on different ones, and I arrive in the middle of Ylva Backman's, Viktor Gardelli's, Peter Parnes's presentation entitled "Dilemmas in computer game assisted dialogues for persons with communication disorders."

The next presentation, Christoffer Dahl's and Angerd Eilard's "Discourse analysis in educational contexts" draws on the anthology I've been a part of writing. Dahl and Eilard are my colleagues from Kristianstad University and the editors of this volume, which will be published in early June. The following slides goes through some of the chapters in the book.
Fei Victor Lim from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, discusses "Students' Voices on Multimodal Pedagogies" is the last presentation in this session.


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